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What types of Land Surves can survey companies be fire for?

What is Land Surveying?

Land Surveying - FAQ's

Surveying is the art and science of mapping land. It is used in almost all aspects of site development and is also necessary to sell a piece of land. Property owners are able to have the boundaries of a parcel marked and any type of encroachment mapped. Engineers take a surveyors 3d mapping of a property and build a design from it.

Property Surveys -- Lot and Boundary Surveys; Short Plat and Large Lot Subdivisions; Formal Plats; Boundary Line Adjustments; Condominium Surveys; Area Computations; A.L.T.A. Surveys.

Engineering Surveys -- Topographic Surveys; As-Built and Locations Surveys; Slope Verification Surveys; Profiles & Cross Sections.

Construction Surveys -- Control Surveys; Slope Staking; Street & Utility Staking.

Anytime the boundary changes, erection of fences, ownership transferred, land division or any type of structure built that is related to the boundary of a property.Depending on the scope of work and type of survey, the amount of preliminary data collection varies. At the very minimum a client must have a Parcel Number or Site Address for the property to be properly researched and surveyed.

What is needed to have my property surveyed?

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